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Buli Life

Orange Kente Satin Lined Patterned bonnet

Orange Kente Satin Lined Patterned bonnet

**Satin lined bonnet that can be worn on either side (although it is recommended to wear the satin on the inside)! Keeps hair from drying, frizzing, and breaking while also holding in moisture while you sleep πŸ’•!

Baby: 10” Bonnet diameter, 15” elastic (unstretched)

Small: 11.5” Bonnet diameter, 18” elastic (unstretched)

Medium: 13” Bonnet diameter, 21” elastic (unstretched)

Large: 15” Bonnet diameter, 21” elastic (unstretched)

Extra Large: 16.5” Bonnet diameter, 21” elastic (unstretched)

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