Protect your crown!

Pillow Bonnet

The pillow bonnet is the best travel partner there is! It’s reversible, its satin, its offered in two sizes (Standard/Queen, and King), and it’s convenient! Quickly throw them over any pillow that isn’t yours and you’re Ready for the best nights sleep away from home! It’s a Win!

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Satin Lined Bonnets

Satin lined bonnets have easily become our customers’ favorite! Not only do they come in various patterns and designs, but they also are lined with satin to provide your hair with the protection it needs. Shop this collection for patterns, pizazz, and protection!!!

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Wake up, BULI, shower, sleep, repeat!

No stranger to dry hair, breakage, split ends, and frizz…I GET IT! Buli bonnets were created with the goal to improve ALL of these common hair issues so we can wake up and BULI Life! I feel better when I look better and for me, my hair is where it starts!